Embark on your personal journey into another world, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. Are you bored? Maybe a bit lost in your routine? Are your days slow, and nothing ever really happens?
Be that person in a video game too! Until a mysterious invitation alters everything and you are called into another world.
Banishing You will transport you into a realm of dreams and imaginations. Summoned by four alluring strangers you will have to deal with passive aggressive comments, a grand quest to help the inhabitants of that realm and maybe the end of the world.

Banishing You is a visual novel with a heavy emphasis on interactions and choices. Make this adventure your own!

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  • The Player Character:

    Enter into the dream world as a non-descript, non-gendered main character that you get to name and play according to your own preferences, ensuring a uniquely personalized experience.
  • Multiple Endings:

    Experience a narrative with diverse outcomes, offering a range of very different endings shaped by your decisions throughout the game.
  • Romance Options:

    Forge connections in the dream world with romancable male characters, each with distinct personalities. Uncover a surprise option that adds an unexpected twist to your journey. Or decide to forgo romance and focus on saving the world.
  • Choice-Driven Gameplay:

    Navigate the dream world through a myriad of choices. Explore different paths and uncover the mysteries that await.
  • Achievements:

    Test your skills and unravel alternative aspects of the story with a variety of achievements.
  • Hand Drawn:

    Banishing you features hand drawn, animated backgrounds and sprites.

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  • Release Date:

  • Pricing:

    4.99€ / $4.99
  • Supported Platforms:

  • Socials:

    eMail: lapys.games@gmail.com || Discord: lil.rai || reddit: u/Lapys_Games || X: @LapysGames || TikTok: lapysgames || YouTube: @LapysGames


In the Visual Novel Banishing You you embark on a captivating journey through the ethereal realm of dreams. As the player, you’re tasked with solving a dark mystery that threatens both the real and the dream world. Traverse enchanting landscapes and encounter fantastical beings while learning more about this strange realm and its inhabitants. Along the way, you will have the chance to fall in love with literal dreams, experience sweet moments and deepen your connection. But beware, for the choices you make have consequences, shaping the fate of both worlds.

Key Features

  • Visual Novel Set in a Fantasy World:

    The player explores a story-focused adventure while choosing the outcome via dialogue options.
  • 5 potential love interests:

    The player can choose to romance one of five male love interests and experience gentle, personal moments with them.
  • Non-descript MC:

    The player can be anyone/anything. The story is told in second person without mentioning a gender or looks.
  • 12 different endings + LI variations:

    Depending on the player’s choices, there are 12 distinct, very different endings to unlock.
  • 300+ Interactions for the player:

    The player is an active part in the development of the mood and direction of the story.
  • Around 50 backgrounds and various sprites:

    All elements of Banishing You are hand-drawn.

About the Developer

Lapys Games

Lapys Games Logo

I am Larissa Pychlau from Hamburg, Germany - the solo developer behind Lapys Games.

Banishing You is the first Lapys Games project. I believe that visual novels are a wonderful medium to tell a story while giving players the option to then make it their own. They allow to create a world using art and writing.

I have worked to deliver a game that I am proud to present to players and that I feel will show them my story and give them the ability to be an active participant in it.

Larissa Pychlau